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Masterpieces of the National Gallery of Indonesia

ISBN: 978-979-1008-92-1
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director of indonesia national gallery

The Indonesian National Gallery (GNI) is an art museum and a center for art exhibitions, which among its many functions, carries out research, collects and registers art works, providing maintenance and security, exhibitions, partnerships, educational services, documentation, and publication of art works.
The GNI has long been a pioneer in the collection of art works by Indonesian and foreign artists. To date 1,750 works have been amassed through acquisition, grants or gifts.
Of the collection, only a small part has been displayed so far, through permanent, temporary or traveling exhibitions. In addition, publications on the collections have been made public through various media, such as catalogs, brochures, booklets, CDs and its website.
The compilation in the catalog of the Masterpieces of the GNI is an inventory, documentation and publication aimed at providing a clearer introduction to modern Indonesian and international artists like Raden Saleh, Affandi, S. Soedjojono, Victor Vasarely, Kandisky, and others. The catalog contains information on the collection of works by celebrated artists, along with curatorial notes, descriptions and photo reproductions of the works. These selected works are of historical and aesthetic significance, and can well be considered a barometer of the potential and development of art in its time in addition to being a resource for scientific and historical research on modern art.
Many thanks to the artists whose works were selected for inclusion in the catalog. May this effort add value and appreciation for their works. (To the artists whose works were selected for inclusion in the catalog, may you achieve greater value due to our appreciation and efforts to preserve and introduce your works to the public at large.) Thanks are also due to the GNI curatorial team, particularly to Bapak M. Agus Burhan and the other members of the editorial team. Thank you for your cooperation in making the production of this catalog possible.
Jakarta, October 2014