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Buton Kanturu Maynawa Land of the Brights

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Almost all of Indonesian children know that buton is the world's largest producer of asphalt. This has been taught since
elementary school. Approximately 80% of the world's reserves of asphalt contained on the island located. Southeast
sulawesi. But this photo essay book created by the senior photographer, Darwis Triadi Together with District Goverment
of Buton, will bring our conciousness that Buton is not identical with asphalt, buton is blessed with natural beauty and
great cultural diversity. All this economic, social, cultural, and human resources aspects has been captured in this photo
essay book to show the indonesian people and to the world that buton Regency is able to complete in national and
international level. This photo essay book is also an initial step to create the vision of the regional leaders of buton
regency to organize more balanced development, which is the economic, development together with the development of
culture, social, environment, and the development of the human resources.