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Pasukan-M, Menang Tak Dibilang, Gugur Tak Dikenang

ISBN: 978-979-1008-57-0
Rp. 70.000,00

The navy has the important role of maintaining the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. It can be seen from whathas been done by a group of youths called Pasukan-M when this republic was just seven months old. With CaptainMarkadi as the chief of the troops, which was originated from marines, were successfully carried out a joint operationbetween cavalry and marine, and won the first naval battle against the Dutch colonialists, although only a limited arsenalsupported. Pasukan-M is the backbone of Indonesia’s guerrilla who was sent by the People's Security Army to help the Balinese people's defending themselves on the Dutch occupation. Their task was to establish the navy base in Bali, as well as organizing guerilla’s bases in various places. Even though this task was not running smoothly, this force was strong enough to help the movement of Ciung Wanara troops with the command of Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti NgurahRai. The role of this force also appeared during the first and second military aggression. They were the one who stand atthe forefront of the battle to fight against the Dutch troops who landed in Banyuwangi. Also joined with guerrillaoperations around the revolution time in 1946 - 1949. That's why in 1988 a monument was built in Cekik, Gilimanuk, Bali,to commemorate and appreciate the merits of their struggle.